A Thorough Approach to All Home Inspection Services

At Complete Home Inspection Services, we abide by the Standards of Practice (SOP) and Code of Ethics as set by FABI. During the inspection, which entails a visual walk-through of the property, we check the condition and repair needs of all safely accessible systems and components from the roof to the foundation. We want to offer the most thorough home inspection services possible, so two experienced inspectors will be present at the property.

90 Day Warranty Inspections

90-Day Warranty with Roof Leak Protection

We participate in a 90-Day Warranty with Roof Leak Protection. Any items covered under the warranty which we deemed to be in good working order at the time of the inspection will have repair costs covered for 90 days.

Buyers Inspection Service

Buyer’s Inspection

A home is a huge investment that you don’t want to go into blind. During a Buyer’s Inspection, we uncover details about the home’s condition and repair needs so that you know exactly what you’re walking into before closing.

Pre listing Inspection Service

Pre-Listing Inspection

In order to communicate effectively with buyers, sellers should fully understand their home and any of its possible issues. During the Pre-Listing Inspection, we find the defects in the home that can be repaired ahead of time and help sellers fully understand what to disclose to potential buyers.

New Construction Inspection Service

New Construction Inspection

Before the final walk-through with the builder, a newly built home should undergo a New Construction Inspection. During the inspection, we look for any oversights made during the building process so that they can be addressed, leaving the home safe and move-in ready.

New Construction Phase Inspection Service

New Construction Phase Inspections

New Construction Phase Inspections help builders make sure that no defects are getting hidden away as the building process continues. We will inspect the building at predetermined intervals, making sure no defects are present before the builder moves on.

11 Month Warranty Inspection Service

11th Month Warranty Inspection

Many newly constructed homes are sold with a 12-month warranty which protects new owners from having to pay for constructional defects. By having the home inspected during the warranty’s 11th month, owners can be sure that they know exactly what repairs to request before it is over.

4 Point Inspection Service

4 Point Inspection

A 4 Point Inspection is typically done for insurance purposes and does not replace a full home inspection. During the inspection, we check the condition of the roof, HVAC system, plumbing system, and electrical system.

Loan Draw Inspection Service

Loan Draw Inspection

Your loan provider will want to understand the home’s current condition and what repairs have been completed before providing a loan draw. During this inspection, we write-up a report about the current status of construction so that your lender knows the project is moving along according to schedule.

Re Inspection Service


After a Buyer’s Inspection, you and your seller will come to an agreement about which repairs need to be made in the home. During a Re-Inspection, we return to the home to inspect any changes made since our last visit, ensuring that these agreements were honored.

Wind Mitigation Inspection Inspection

Wind Mitigation Inspection

In Florida, many insurance providers require a Wind Mitigation Inspection because of the area’s harsh weather. During the inspection, we check for pre-existing wind damage and offer our professional opinion about how this damage can be mitigated in the future.

WDO Termite Inspection Service

WDO Inspection

Termites and other wood-destroying organisms can cause costly damage to a home’s wooden areas before even being noticed. During the WDO Inspection, we search for signs of an infestation, current termite damage, and the moisture that attracts these pests so that the issue can be handled accordingly.

Commercial Inspection Service

Commercial Building Inspection

Before purchasing a commercial property, you should know exactly what you are getting into. We offer both light and heavy Commercial Building Inspections to help you understand the condition and repair needs of your prospective purchase.

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